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CoffeesUp: a new world-class coffee subscription application

CoffeesUp is a world-class coffee subscription application that is changing the way Americans buy their coffee.


Just launched in New York City, it is the first ever subscription coffee application designed to give consumers access to barista-made specialty coffee at an unparalleled value at their independent and local cafés and coffeeshops.

For just $8 a month, CoffeesUp users can redeem 3 free coffees a week and 12 each monthchanging the way they purchase coffee for the better.

Conceptualized by Karl Jamesonco-founder of Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists, a Brooklyn, New York roastery that produces high quality specialty coffee, the app puts independent and small chain cafés and coffee shops on the same playing field as major coffee chains by offering a superior product at a fraction of the price. Along with driving business to the cafés through users of the app, CoffeesUp is using their platform to support local and independent cafes by promoting them with extensive social, influencer, and advertising campaigns helping to raise the visibility of the small businesses.

The idea for an app was born to differentiate Abbotsford Road Coffee Specialists from other roasteries and during the development phase, it became clear to Jameson that there was an opportunity to solve a problem plaguing American coffee consumers: the most affordable and readily available coffee for too many consumers was average at best. With the advent of CoffeesUp, Jameson brings barista-made specialty coffee accessible to all consumers and supports independent and local cafés in the process.

Users of the app must redeem their free coffees on different days, guaranteeing that in order to reap the full benefits of CoffeesUp, they will have to make at least three visits to a café per week, forming new routines and driving business to the cafés.

The initial launch focuses on coffeeshops throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan and will expand to other coffee hubs like New Jersey, Philadelphia, Boston, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Texas before launching throughout the United States.

The app can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play and at their website: