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National Tequila Day 2022 with Asian Cocktails at Sama Street in NY

National Tequila Day is today and there is no better way to honor a drink known for crafting delicious cocktails than to spend the day sipping one!

Hhere are 4 interesting tequila cocktails to try from Sama Street in Brooklyn on National Tequila Day if you are seeking alternatives from the usual Margarita.

Sama Street is a window into the authentic and unique travel experience of the East and brings unique Asian Cocktail flavors to Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Lucy Liu

Chili oil washed tequila, lychee, coconut, vanilla, lime

National Tequila Day

7 Long Years

Tequila, green chili, pineapple, lime, sesame

Same Same but Different

Blanco tequila, dill aquavit, turmeric, coconut, mint, fish sauce

National Tequila Day

Kung Fu Furi

Mezcal, tequila, celery, genmai tea, lemon, sesame, nori

National Tequila Day